Supporting florist

Studio 7 is an enterprise with a continuous and consistent presence in the field of floral decorations since 1977. The passion for the flower, combined with a customer oriented philosophy, has established Studio 7 as a company that provides security and high quality services and products, ranging from a simple delivery of flowers to the floral design and decoration of high end events. Lenia Kyrianidou as a continue of her family heritage, has been in the florist field for the last 12 years and since then she has attended many seminars and worked on the side of an elite of florists and event planners from Greece and abroad, even though her original studies were arts and specialized in comic design. Lenia, along with a specialized team of expert associates, with a high sense of elegance and aesthetics, monitor daily the new emerging trends in floral decoration and are constantly up to date with the latest developments in the field of events, focusing on continuous modulation of image.It is highly critical to us, to be innovative in our business area. Innovation and new ideas in floral design, with emphasis always given in the detail are our driving force and are always combined with the timeless value of the classic elegance.


Planner and Organizer

After two decades of experience in designing and producing exclusive weddings, MR.CO and Stella & Moscha have joined forces to form Modish Weddings & Events that will take destination wedding production to the next level. Marcos with his genius flair for design and Stella with her acute management skills have come together to create the ultimate “power couple” in the industry of destination weddings in Greece. With the glorious Greek nature as a canvas and a selective team of experts in constant planning mode on their side, Marcos and Stella create tailor-made events which focus on the details that make each bride and groom unique.

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The Venue

Rocabella Santorini On an island of unique beauty begins your experience of an accommodation refined down to the smallest detail! Discover the landscapes, the flavors, the magic of Santorini  as afforded by Rocabella Santorini’s brand new concept of hospitality. Rocabella Santorini is a spread of ​​11,000 square meters in the picturesque village of Imerovigli.  It overlooks the caldera, the volcano and the surrounding islands and is host to memorable sunsets.  A beautiful hotel, it’s one of the most popular ones on the island.  Here you will experience a new era of hospitality.

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TSALDARIS LUXURY CRAFT “Tsaldaris” company was founded in 1924 as an artistic printing and through years of experience, handed in his decedents deep knowledge of the subject. Today's executives continue with imagination, originality and love, art that has made the name Tsaldaris first choice in the field of printing and special invitations. The company Tsaldaris has equate the title of the graphic arts, luxurious materials, advanced design techniques and card printing, menus, invitations and unique wedding favors. 12 years ago, the company entered the field of social form, opening the first showroom in Athens in 2009 and the second in Thessaloniki. Having the experience of printing, creating invitations or any other form, depending on the specifics of each event and putting our personal diligence, we make the area of customer service, a highly personal matter.

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Kollektiva Photographers “Outstanding wedding photography is what we are passionate about and why we created Kollektiva in 2014: Two photographers with two distinctive and unique styles but yet one strong desire, to shoot great weddings. We are based in Athens and Mykonos and we work internationally. Working as a team, or as individuals, we love to travel and cover any type of ritual from large destination weddings to intimate ceremonies. Having a song editorial and commercial background we thrive on offering an alternative perspective to wedding photography by shooting strong imagery with an emphasis on composition and capturing emotion. Meanwhile, our extensive expertise allows us to provide consultation and complete production services for any given project. We are Thanos Asfis and Adonis Kekidakis and this not a job for us. Our motive is life and our passion is photography

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Kostas Kastanakis Kostas is a destination wedding videographer, a story teller. He uses genuine expressions and the real emotions evolving around a wedding day, as the main ingredients of the wedding film. As a result every film is unique, based on peoples’ characters. From 2013 he has travelled to destinations like Dubai, Zurich, Tuscany and Istanbul, delivering noteworthy results as a consequence of discreet hard work and creativity. He is lucky enough to live in Greece and have the opportunity to travel also to its beautiful islands, from Santorini to Mykonos and all the way to Crete, capturing the bright sun, the big blue of the sky and sea and the unique experience of having Greece as one of the most popular wedding destinations !

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Rose Grower

Rosaprima Rosaprima roses are the epitome of beauty and elegance. Our company is committed to growing and breeding the world’s most luxurious roses. Since our founding in 1995,our values have remained the same: unequalled craftsmanship, sound business practices and a belief that roses have an important place in life’s most precious moments. Our 1,200 Rosaprima employees worldwide have set a new standard for roses. The Rosaprima brand has become synonymous with luxury and quality, and has gained worldwide recognition. Our collection of more than 150 varieties of estate-grown luxury roses includes the rarest and most beautiful roses in the world. When curating our exclusive collection, we partner with world renowned rose breeders to develop new and innovative varieties that exemplify the true elegance and appeal of a Rosaprima rose – a process that takes years of diligent attention to detail. It starts at our 400 acres of rich farmland in the coveted Guachalá growing region, high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, where we bring exquisite roses to life. Rose-growing experts and breeders examine thousands of varieties for an average of three to five years. As a result, our collection is an exquisite assortment of the finest roses, all possessing unique characteristics. With the world’s most impeccable and unique collection, we set the standard for luxury roses.

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Flower supplier

DGI DGI focuses on being flexible in order to cater to your preferences. Special packaging? No problem! Your selling price appearing on the label of the packaging? We’ll see to it! Or how about letting your customers buy through you directly from our webshop? Just give us the word! Traditional craftsmanship and expertise combined with the latest ICT technologies let us deliver your shipments right on time, no matter what the destination in Eastern and Western Europe. You can rely on perfect, presentable deliveries ready for immediate sale. At DGI, we get to know all our customers personally. When you deal with us, you have a dedicated account manager who knows your sales market inside and out. Your account manager has an instinctive feel for what your market needs. This expertise makes doing business not only pleasant and efficient, it also helps you sell even more flowers and plants.


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Event Rental Company

Style Box Style box is and event rental company that carries an exclusive collection of modern furniture that brings style and a fresh look to any event. Style box provides you with the perfect solution for every type of rental need. Our expertise lies primarily with weddings, galas & Corporate Events while we also cover Exhibits and Trade Shows throughout Greece. It is the combination of high quality furnishings and outstanding service that set us apart in the Greek market.

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Tableware supplier

Mr.Co MR.CO is a company that has been dealing with event design for private, public and company events for about two decades. The company aims to design events that are anything but usual, in an area where everything practically looks the same. It creates events that celebrate life itself, from weddings, christenings and baby showers to parties and corporate events, whereas it also deals with interior design and decoration projects. The company's head and owner is Markos Machairopoulos, who is accompanied by a multitude of specialized associates, and can therefore guarantee for the company's first rate services, even in special categories such as bartending. MR.CO is ideal for people both in Greece and abroad who can appreciate things that are unique and elegant. Its clientelle consists of executives from all over the world. Given that Greece is a small country, its activities have spread towards both East and West. A great deal of the company's clients come from the USA, Europe, the Middle East and certain Asian countries, such as Japan. Our main goal is to design events that reflects our clients' personal style, according to what they love and have dreamed of. Based on this concept, we participate in all stages of the process -contributing with creative ideas and concepts- and stand on our clients' side in every moment of their event. Our objective is to create successful, unforgettable, emblematic experiences that will become a point of reference in their life. Furthermore, we also undertake ad hoc projects, such as venue decorations, selection or leasing of furniture, music supervision etc